Congnitive Skills List

There are some skills that are somewhat more important that others, and cognitive skills are a good example of this. Having adequate cognitive skills is imperative for a person to be a productive member of society.

When cognitive skills wane, a person can begin to become confused, disoriented, or even completely unaware of their surroundings. There are a few skills that are notably important within the cognitive spectrum; and as a result, they should be well-monitored.


Memory is an essential part of keeping a person sane. Cognitive memory skills include the ability to perform a number of routine tasks. Rote memorization, or the ability to recall names and dates, is part of this skill set.

In addition, Gist, or the ability to recall plot lines and events, is also within the cognitive skill spectrum. Moreover, Procedures, or the ability to draw or see things in the right perspective, is controlled here as well. In essence, the memory portion of your cognitive skill set is one of the most important.


There are a few different forms of attention, but they are all controlled by your cognitive skill set. There is selective attention, sustained attention, and divided attention. Selective attention lets you filter out distractions so that you are more easily able to ignore irrelevant data.

Sustained attention describes your ability to focus on something for a long period of time, while divided attention refers to your ability to split your focus between two or more things. Being able to adequately pay attention in these three ways is important to living life to the fullest.


Motor skills are important to proper living, and they are also controlled by your cognitive skill set. Your fine motor skills and your gross motor skills are both determined by your ability to access the cognitive portions of your brain. Whenever you use hand-eye coordination, you are using your cognitive motor skills to do so.

Executive Functions

Your ability to make decisions is also affected by your cognitive skill aptitude. Being able to plan things or exhibit some sort of flexibility is important to life. When you are able to inhibit irrelevant responses in exchange for more thought-out ones, you are using your executive functions.

You should be able to develop strategies with the right cognitive skills. In fact, with practice, these skills can even become automatic for some people.


Being able to listen and respond to stimuli is another skill within the cognitive set. Here, we learn how to read while finding unique ways of comprehending what we see. Afterwards, this skill set allows us to formulate ideas based on what information we have gathered. In addition, cognitive language skills help us express our thoughts, feelings, and ideals.

Having adequate cognitive skills is important to survival. Without these basic skills, a person cannot expect to do well in life. Because of this, it is important that you maintain some sort of regular brain training to keep your cognitive skills well-honed.